Soledar2.jpegSoledar. Salt mines

There was a sea 250 million years ago. The sea formed a residue at the bottom. Then the sea receded having left the salt sediment under the ground. In the excursion in Soledar salt mines you will be actually walking on the sea bottom existed 250 millions ago. The walls, the ceilings and the floor are all caved in the natural gigantic layer of salt which is something not to come across by in a regular life. Furthermore, the mines exert exceptional rehabilitating effect.

The mines are located in the Eastern part of Ukraine and, therefore, require a car or a railway trip. The time in the road is about eight hours. The duration of the whole trip is one day and two nights (the nights will be the time spent in a road on a train).


The excursion starts after a short safety briefing, after which the group sets off. The length of the route is approximately 700 m both ways. The descent is made in the elevator (lift cell) to the depth up to 300 m. The duration of the excursion is about one hour and a half or two hours.

SoledarThe way of the excursion lies through the exhausted mines which lay at the level of Podbryantsevy Soil Layer. The walls, the ceiling, the sculptures and the trees are all either made or cut from the salt. And the whole excursion actually goes by the bottom of the ancient Sarmatskoe Sea. The Sea receded having left thick layers of minerals, salt and limestone in vast areas around Ukraine.

The temperature underground is constant, regardless of time of the year or the weather it is +15%. Therefore, if travelling in summer, the advice is to take warm clothes with you.On the same premises with the mines there is a rehabilitation resort “Salt symphony”. It is particularly beneficial for bronchial and allergic diseases. The wads are quite extravagant here as they are carved underground at the depth of 288 meters, in salt mine. The healing properties of salt has been known long time ago. The therapy in salt mine conditions has been recognized as one of the most effective in the world. And in the mine the saturation of the air with salt particles is in proportion of 15 mg in 1 cubic meter.

Interesting facts

  • The natural salt deposit in Ukraine “Artemsalt” which is one of the best deposits in Europe, has the salt stock capacity to satisfy industrial needs for the next 2 000 years.
  • There is an underground church in one of the explored and finished mines of the city Soledar
  • In October 2004 there was a symphony concert held in one of the salt mines of Ukraine in Soledar. The concert was given by Donetsk Symphony Orchestra under the direction of a famous Austrian conductor Kurt Schmid and led by the world-famous singer of Viennese Opera, Ukrainian Victoria Lukyanets. The eminent composer and conductor referred to the sound capacity of the salt mines in this way: “I was just taken aback! The notes soured to the ceilings of the mine and then slowly glided down like clouds”. In the opinion of Kurt Schmid, there are only 2 or 3 theaters in the world which can be matched to the acoustics features of salt mines in terms of the quality of the sound.

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